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#2 Penn State over #10 Rutgers 37-6 Highlights

Video highlights up by Monday-coaching all weekend. What can I say, it’s wrestling season, no rest for the weary.

A game Rutgers team bussed in to Happy Valley last night only to be reminded just how long a road it is to the top of the wrestling heap. The Lions got 6 bonus point matches while blowing out the Scarlet Knights. I know that it has been talked to death but the bonus points that PSU generates are amazing, almost 2 touchdowns worth. They don’t all come from blowouts. Always looking for a pin even when it’s close. I hadn’t seen the team compete since November and they have changed. Most noticeable was the entire team approach all most all of them are looking to catch people feet to back when they cut a wrestler. A lot of teams have caught on to the Nolf/Retherford style of looking for some type of big move: “Cement” or sweep when cutting; now the PSU crew are also looking for cradles just to just grow and mix things up.
There was a ton of really good wrestling taking place but the most compelling match to me was at 184. I’ve seen Nickal and Dean beat Gravina in totally different fashions. I hope that we get to see this match up come March. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but Dean is on a path to be one of the best college wrestlers since the turn of the century. I know that Nickal fell short of his goals last year. The match will be a contrast in styles. Beating a guy like Dean would jump Nickal’s respect significantly. For Dean, beating such a dominant opponent would be an exclamation point on a stellar college career.
Other highlights, Nolf versus Van Brill: Both wide-open guys that are aggressive. I love that Nolf doesn’t have a favorite attack and will take what ever is open.
I enjoy watching Vincenzo Joseph develop. I really like his neutral game, heavy hips and Sam and Dave intro. If he gets his upper body as strong and dynamic as his lower body he’s gonna be a monster.
What’s not to like about how Retherford handles himself? It doesn’t matter if he’s bleeding with a crazy head wrap he never looses his intensity.
AA versus Gulibon was more competitive than I thought it would be. Ashnaults reaction speed was on display.
Another huge difference maker for the Penn State team was attacks during transitions. They caught Rutgers flatfooted several times. Something that I’ve heard coaches preach and practice my whole life but this team really does it to such a level that it’s noteworthy.
Frank Intro and We Are
PSU walk in

125lbs: #3 Nick Suriano (PSU) major dec. over Brandon Paetzell (RU), 16-2; PSU up, 4-0
133lbs: #22 Scott DelVecchio (RU) over George Carpenter (PSU), 11-4; PSU up, 4-3
141lbs: #6 Anthony Ashnault (RU) over #17 Jimmy Gulibon (PSU), 4-1; RU up, 6-4
149lbs: #1 Zain Retherford (PSU) WBF over #14 Ken Theobold (RU), 5:33; PSU up, 10-6
157lbs: #1 Jason Nolf (PSU) tech fall over #14 John Van Brill (RU), 22-4; PSU up, 15-6
165lbs: #5 Vincenzo Joseph (PSU) tech fall over Willie Scott (RU), 19-3; PSU up, 20-6
174lbs: #14 Geno Morelli (PSU) over #23 Phillip Bakuckas (RU), 5-3; PSU up, 23-6
184lbs: #2 Bo Nickal (PSU) WBF over #12 Nicholas Gravina (RU), 4:27; PSU up, 29-6
197lbs: #9 Matt McCutcheon (PSU) over Matthew Correnti (RU), 4-3; PSU up, 32-6
HWT: #5 Nick Nevills (PSU) tech fall over Ralph Normandia (RU), 24-9; PSU wins, 37-6


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  1. Just checking to see if the plan is to post the nickal gravina match?

    1. yes. It’s a good one. I’ll get the last 3 matches up some time today

      1. That was awesome! Thanks for your coverage.

        1. It was a fun match to cover. I hope to have coverage of 3-5 matches this weekend

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