Rider nips Drexel 18-16

Everyone involved in this dual thought that it was going to be close and they were right. Fuentes was able to close the gap since he last wrestled Wert a couple of years ago but it wasn’t enough. Drexel ran off three wins in a row to take a 7-point lead. Rider then reeled off 3 wins in a row taking a one-point lead. In the end it came down to Rider’s bonus points making the difference with 3 major decisions versus Drexel’s lone major. Alumni Gymnasium was rocking with passionate fans on both sides of the argument. I can’t find official numbers but I’d say at least 400 fans were screaming at the official about out of bounds and stalling calls.
The victory gave Rider Head Coach Gary Taylor an all-time win total to 440, which ties him with former Minnesota Head Coach J Robinson for third all-time in Division I wrestling history. History in real time.

Post match interviews with coaches Taylor and Azevedo
Ryan Wolf, BJ Clagon, Josh Murphy and JR Wert
Team Introductions
125: JR Wert (Rider) decision Zachary Fuentes (Drexel), 2-1
133: Kevin Devoy (Drexel) decision Anthony Cefolo (Rider), 3-2
141: David Pearce (Drexel) decision Evan Fidelibus (Rider), 4-0
149: Matt Cimato (Drexel) major dec. Jesse Rodgers (Rider), 10-0
157: BJ Clagon (Rider) major decision William Davis (Drexel), 14-5
165: Chad Walsh (Rider) major decision Austin Rose (Drexel), 12-3
174: Dean Sherry (Rider) major decision Ebed Jarrell (Drexel), 11-3
184: Alexander DeCiantis (Drexel) decision Michael Fagg-Daves (Rider), 3-1 video malfunction-sorry
197: Ryan Wolfe (Rider) decision Joshua Murphy (Drexel), 10-4
285: Joseph Goodhart (Drexel) decision Mauro Correnti (Rider), 4-1

Drexel has Maryland and Penn to close out the regular season. Rider has Princeton and Maryland leading up to EWL’s.

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