2017 EWL Results Video and Interviews

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Final Results
1. Edinboro – 121.5
2. Rider – 75.0
3. Lock Haven – 71.5
4. Clarion – 48.5
5. George Mason – 27.5
6. Cleveland State – 21.0
7. Bloomsburg – 5.5
A couple of surprises for me: the ease that Edinboro had winning this year’s title reclaiming it from last year’s champs-Rider. How close the race for 2nd was. Lock haven is on the rise. Lastly just how down Bloom is. Does the hiring of Russ Hughes help to stop or reverse this rock bottom finish? Lastly Billy Miller lost to Thomas Haines twice this season and was able to reverse those results in an overtime finals match.

OW: Ronnie Perry-Lock Haven Interview
Other Interviews Coach Flynn (man of few words), Coach Scott Moore
Ryan Wolfe, Thomas Haines, Billy Miller and BJ Clagon

Championship Match Video- matches were wrestled in this order
133lbs: Korbin Myers (EU) dec. DJ Fehlman (LHU), 7-4 tb1
141lbs: Ronnie Perry (LHU) dec. Brock Zacherl (CU), 5-3
149lbs: Lugo (EU) tech. fall Sahid Kargbo (GMU), 17-2 (6:34)
165lbs: Chad Walsh (RU) dec. Austin Matthews (EU), 9-5
285lbs: Billy Miller (EU) dec. Thomas Haines (LHU), 7-3 tb1
125lb: Sean Russell (EU) maj. dec. Jake Gromacki (CU), 11-3
157lbs: B.J. Clagon (RU) maj. dec. Chase Delande (EU), 9-1
174lbs: Ty Schoffstall (EU) dec. Adam Mackie (LHU), 12-8
184lbs: Dakota Geer (EU) dec. Nick Corba (CSU), 6-3
197lbs: Ryan Wolfe (RU) dec. Dustin Conti (CU), 9-2

1st Round Videos
125lbs: Sean Russell (EU) fall over Jake Field (LU)
125lbs: Jake Gromacki (CU) TF over John Martin (CSU)
133lbs: Anthony Cefolo (RU) Fall over Andrew Coghill (CSU)
141lbs: Evan Cheek (CSU) TF over Evan Fidelibus (RU)
141lbs: Tejon Anthony (GM) over Nate Hagan (EU)
141lbs: Ronnie Perry (LU) TF over Grant Bond (BU) 16-0
149lbs: Jake Keller (CU) over Gino Fluri (RU) 3-2
157lbs: Jon Ross (LHU) over Kevin Laubach (BU) 1-0
165lbs: Jared Siegrist (LHU) TF over Daniel Mika (GM)
165lbs: Austin Matthews (EU) Fall over John Barber (BU)
174lbs: Dean Sherry (RU) over Trevor Allard (BU) 15-6
184lbs: Dakota Geer (EU) TF over Austin Harrison (GM) 18-0
184lbs: Scott Marmoll (CU) over Corey Hazel (LHU) 5-3
197lbs: Dylan Reynolds (EU) over Matt Meadows (GM)
285lbs; Thomas Haines (LHU) over Bruce Graeber (BU) 13-2
285lbs: Billy Miller (EU) over Evan Daley (CU) 4-2 SV
Semi-Final Videos
125lbs: Sean Russell (EU) over Ibrahim Banduka (GMU) 10-4
133lbs: DJ Fehlman (LHU) fall over Anthony Cefolo (RU)
141lbs: Ronnie Perry (LHU) over Tejon Anthony (GM) 4-2
149lbs: Patricio Lugo (EU) Fall over Jake Keller (CU)
157lbs: Chase Delande (EU) over Matt Raines (GMU) 6-1
157lbs: BJ Clagon(RU) major decision Jon Ross (LHU) 12-0
165lbs: Chad Walsh (RU) major decision Jared Siegrist (LHU) 10-1
174lbs: Adam Mackie (LHU) over Dominic Rigous (CU) 10-5
174lbs: SV footage only Ty Schoffstall over Dean Sherry (RU)
184lbs: Dakota Geer (EU) over Scott Marmoll (CU) 6-1
197lbs: Ryan Wolfe (RU) Tech Fall Dylan Reynolds (EU) 22-7
285lbs: Billy Miller (EU) over Matt Voss (GMU) 5-1
285lbs: Thomas Haines (LHU) over Mauro Correnti (RU) 3-0