2017 NCAA Championships Running Updates

Penn State get 5 wrestlers into the semifinals. Followed by Iowa-4 and Cornell, Okie State and Ohio State each with 3.
Ohio has 8 wrestlers in the semis. PA has 5 and Iowa has 4
Semifinal Match-ups- TW picks in bold
125: Thomas Gilman, Iowa vs Darian Cruz, Lehigh
125: Jack Mueller, UVA vs Ethan Lizak, Minnesota

133: Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State vs Cory Clark, Iowa
133: Seth Gross, SDSU vs Kaid Brock, Oklahoma State

141: Dean Heil, Oklahoma State vs Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers
141: Bryce Meredith, Wyoming vs George Dicamillo, UVA

149: Zain Retheford, Penn State vs Brandon Sorensen, Iowa
149: Lavion Mayes, Missouri vs Max Thomsen, UNI

157: Jason Nolf, Penn State vs Tyler Berger, Nebraska
157: Joey Lavallee, Missouri vs Dylan Palacio, Cornell

165: Isaiah Martinez, Illinois vs Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin
165: Logan Massa, Michigan vs Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State

174: Zahid Valencia, ASU vs Mark Hall, Penn State
174: Brian Realbuto, Cornell vs Bo Jordan, Ohio State

184: Gabe Dean, Cornell vs Nolan Boyd, Oklahoma State
184: Bo Nickal, Penn State vs Sammy Brooks, Iowa

197: J’Den Cox, Missouri vs Jared Haught, VT
197: Brett Pfarr, Minnesota vs Kollin Moore, Ohio State

285: Kyle Snyder, Ohio State vs Jacob Kasper, Duke- Not sure if this match will happen based on what Snyder looked like walking off the mat
285: Ty Walz, VT vs Connor Medbery, Wisconsin

Team Scores after 1/4 finals
1. Penn State 74.0
2. Ohio State 59.0
3. Iowa 58.0
4. Oklahoma State 47.5
5. Cornell 47.0
6. Missouri 43.5
7. Minnesota 39.0
8. Virginia Tech 35.0
9. Wisconsin 29.0
10. Nebraska 27.0
11. Lehigh 25.5
12. Virginia 22.5
13. Illinois 22.0
14. Arizona State 21.0
15. Northern Iowa 20.0
16. Central Michigan 19.5
17. Rutgers 18.0
18. Michigan 17.0
18. South Dakota State 17.0
20. Wyoming 16.5
21. Edinboro 16.0
22. NC State 12.5
22. Oregon State 12.5
24. Northern Illinois 11.5
25. Rider 11.0
26. Stanford 10.5
27. Navy 10.0
27. Old Dominion 10.0
27. Princeton 10.0
30. Duke 9.5
30. Oklahoma 9.5
30. Pittsburgh 9.5
Quarterfinal Results
125 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) F Nicholas Piccininni (Oklahoma St.), 6:27
125 Darian Cruz (Lehigh) DEC Sean Fausz (North Carolina St.), 5-2
125 Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) TF Freddie Rodriguez (Siue), 15-0 6:54
125 Jack Mueller (Virginia) DEC Joey Dance (Virginia Tech), 4-2 SV

133 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio St.) DEC Zane Richards (Illinois), 3-1
133 Cory Clark (Iowa) DEC Stevan Micic (Michigan), 6-4
133 Kaid Brock (Oklahoma St.) DEC Bryan Lantry (Buffalo), 7-3
133 Seth Gross (South Dakota St.) MD Eric Montoya (Nebraska), 11-1

141 Dean Heil (Oklahoma St.) DEC Jaydin Eierman (Missouri), 6-5
141 Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) DEC Matthew Kolodzik (Princeton), 6-2
141 George Dicamillo (Virginia) DEC Thomas Thorn (Minnesota), 5-2
141 Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) DEC Kevin Jack (North Carolina St.), 6-5

149 Zain Retherford (Penn St.) TF Alex Kocer (South Dakota St.), 19-2 5:14
149 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) DEC Micah Jordan (Ohio St.), 3-0
149 Lavion Mayes (Missouri) DEC Solomon Chishko (Virginia Tech), 4-2
149 Max Thomsen (Uni) DEC Kenny Theobald (Rutgers), 5-1

157 Jason Nolf (Penn St.) F Bryant Clagon (Rider), 4:07
157 Tyler Berger (Nebraska) DEC Joseph Smith (Oklahoma St.), 3-1 SV
157 Joey Lavallee (Missouri) DEC Paul Fox (Stanford), 6-2
157 Dylan Palacio (Cornell) F Michael Kemerer (Iowa), 3:28

165 Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) DEC Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma St.), 10-5
165 Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) DEC Chad Walsh (Rider), 7-3
165 Vincenzo Joseph (Penn St.) DEC Daniel Lewis (Missouri), 6-5
165 Logan Massa (Michigan) MD Anthony Valencia (Arizona St.), 9-0

174 Zahid Valencia (Arizona St.) DEC Myles Amine (Michigan), 14-8
174 Mark Hall (Penn St.) MD Zach Epperly (Virginia Tech), 10-2
174 Bo Jordan (Ohio St.) DEC Alex Meyer (Iowa), 4-3
174 Brian Realbuto (Cornell) F Zach Brunson (Illinois), 1:11

184 Gabriel Dean (Cornell) DEC Jack Dechow (Old Dominion), 4-3 TB2
184 Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma St.) DEC Drew Foster (Uni), 11-7
184 Samuel Brooks (Iowa) F Emory Parker (Illinois), 6:50
184 Bo Nickal (Penn St.) F Timothy Dudley (Nebraska), 4:37

197 J`den Cox (Missouri) MD Ryan Wolfe (Rider), 10-1
197 Jared Haught (Virginia Tech) DEC Matt Mccutcheon (Penn St.), 7-3
197 Kollin Moore (Ohio St.) MD Preston Weigel (Oklahoma St.), 13-5
197 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) DEC Kevin Beazley (Old Dominion), 6-0

285 Kyle Snyder (Ohio St.) DEC Michael Kroells (Minnesota), 13-7
285 Jacob Kasper (Duke) DEC Nick Nevills (Penn St.), 3-1
285 Ty Walz (Virginia Tech) MD Conan Jennings (Northwestern), 15-4
285 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) DEC Tanner Hall (Arizona St.), 5-3

Round of 16
In what might be the biggest upset of the opening day returning national champ Myles Martin lost to #11 Emery Parker of Illinois, 14-9, in the Round of 16. Oklahoma States #2 Anthony Collica of was the highest-seeded wrestler to lose today, falling to Rutgers’ senior Ken Theobold, 10-3, in sudden victory at 149 pounds.Collica’s loss has had a major effect on the bracket. most likely someone won’t repeat as an AA.
Minnesota’s Tommy Thorn picked up a fall versus #3 Joey McKenna of Stanford in sudden victory.
Penn State has held serve and looks to be favored in all but one of their quarter final matches tomorrow. University of Buffalo has Bryan Lantry in the quarters at 133lbs. Nice work coach John Stutzman is building.
Team Scores
1. Penn State 30.5-7 wrestlers in quarters
2. Ohio State 26.0-5 wrestlers in quarters
3. Oklahoma State 25.5-7 wrestlers in quarters
4. Iowa 24.5-6 wrestlers in quarters
5. Missouri 20.0-4 wrestlers in quarters
6. Cornell 19.0
7. Minnesota 18.5
8. Virginia Tech 18.0
9. Central Michigan 14.5
10. Lehigh 14.0
10. Nebraska 14.0
12. Arizona State 13.5
12. Illinois 13.5
12. Wisconsin 13.5
15. Edinboro 11.5
16. Northern Iowa 11.0
16. Rider 11.0
18. NC State 10.0
18. Old Dominion 10.0
20. Princeton 9.5
21. Michigan 9.0
21. South Dakota State 9.0
23. Stanford 8.5
23. Virginia 8.5
25. Appalachian State 7.5
26. Rutgers 7.0
27. Oregon State 6.5
28. Northern Illinois 6.0
28. Oklahoma 6.0
28. Wyoming 6.0
31. Pennsylvania 5.5
31. Pittsburgh 5.5
31. SIUE 5.5
34. Buffalo 5.0
34. Maryland 5.0
36. American 4.5
37. Cleveland State 4.0
38. Michigan State 3.5
38. Navy 3.5
38. North Carolina 3.5
38. Northwestern 3.5
42. Northern Colorado 3.0
43. Duke 2.5
43. North Dakota State University 2.5
45. Bucknell 2.0
45. CSU Bakersfield 2.0
45. Eastern Michigan 2.0
45. Indiana 2.0
45. Purdue 2
There are so many good match-ups tomorrow morning that I’m gonna have trouble going to sleep tonight. My picks are in bold.
Quarterfinal Match-ups
Thomas Gilman,Iowa vs Nick Piccininni, Oklahoma State
Darian Cruz, Lehigh vs Sean Fausz, NC State
Ethan Lizak, Minnesota vs Freddie Rodriguez, SIUE
Joey Dance, VT vs Jack Mueller, UVA
Nathan Tomasello, Ohio State vs Zane Richards, Illinois
Stevan Micic, Michigan vs Cory Clark, Iowa
Kaid Brock, Oklahoma State vs Bryan Lantry, Buffalo
Seth Gross, SDSU vs Eric Montoya, Nebraska
Dean Heil, Oklahoma State vs Jaydin Eierman, Missouri
Anthony Ashnault, Rutgers vs Matt Kolodzik, Princeton
Tommy Thorn, Minnesota vs George DiCamillo, UVA
Kevin Jack, NC State vs Bryce Meredith, Wyoming
Zain Retherford, PSU vs Alex Kocer, SDSU
Micah Jordan, Ohio State vs Brandon Sorensen, Iowa
Lavion Mayes, Missouri vs Solomon Chishko, VT
Max Thomsen, UNI vs Kenny Theobald, Rutgers bracket buster
Jason Nolf, PSU vs BJ Flagon, Rider-look for Clagon to make a strong run
Tyler Berger, Nebraska vs Joe Smith, Oklahoma State
Joey Lavallee, Missouri vs Paul Fox, Stanford
Michael Kemerer, Iowa vs Dylan Palacio, Cornell
Isaiah Martinez, Illinois vs Chandler Rogers, Oklahoma State
Isaac Jordan, Wisconsin vs Chad Walsh, Rider
Vincenzo Joseph, Penn State vs Daniel Lewis, Missouri
Logan Massa, Michigan vs Anthony Valencia, ASU
Zahid Valencia, ASU vs Myles Amine, Michigan
Zach Epperly, VT vs Mark Hall, PSU
Bo Jordan, Ohio State vs Alex Meyer, Iowa
Brian Realbuto, Cornell vs Zach Brunson, Illinois
Gabe Dean, Cornell vs Jack Dechow, ODU
Drew Foster, UNI vs Nolan Boyd, Oklahoma State
Sammy Brooks, Iowa vs Emory Parker, Illinois
Bo Nickal, PSU vs Tim Dudley, Nebraska
J’Den Cox, Missouri vs Ryan Wolfe, Rider
Matt McCutcheon, PSU vs Jared Haught, VT
Kollin Moore, Ohio State vs Preston Weigel, Oklahoma State
Kevin Beazley, ODU vs Brett Pfarr, Minnesota
Kyle Snyder, Ohio State vs Michael Kroells, Minnesota
Nick Nevills, PSU vs Jacob Kasper, Duke
Ty Walz, VT vs Conan Jennings, Northwestern
Connor Medbery, Wisconsin vs Tanner Hall, ASU

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