NCAA Championship Coaches Poll-Updated

I recently surveyed 35 Coaches about the NCAA Championships. Some coaches skipped questions others gave me two answers but who am I to quibble. While I reached out to about 50 coaches across the country more coaches responded from Ohio east to New York.

I’ll list the top three placers for each topic and except for proposed rule changes. I tried to fit them together and I’ll post all of them.

Best wrestler from neutral:

1. Jason Nolf 2. Kyle Snyder 3. Three way tie Darian Cruz, Zain Retherford and Gabe Dean

Best top wrestler:
1. Zain Retherford 2. Ethan Lizak 3. Seth Gross

Best overall wrestlers:
1. Zain Retherford 2. Tie Kyle Snyder and Jason Nolf 3. J’Den Cox

Best Freshman:
1. Vincenzo Joseph 2. Mark Hall 3. Matt Kolodzik

Most exciting wrestler:
1. Bo Nickal 2. Jason Nolf 3. 3 way tie Chandler Rogers, Dylan Palacio and Chad Walsh

Hardest worker:

1. Kyle Snyder 2. Zain Retherford 3. J’Den Cox

Most improved wrestler:
1. Darian Cruz 2. Seth Gross 3. Tie George DiCamillo and Vincenzo Joseph

Wrestler you want on your team:

1. Zain Retherford 2. Kyle Snyder & Dylan Palacio 3. J’Den Cox, Corey Clark, Gabe Dean and Vincenzo Joseph

Coach of the year:
1. Cael Sanderson 2. Chris Bono 3. Cary Kolat & Brian Snyder
Rule change ideas
1. Funk/scrambles/ankle/leg pass-back points if funker is held in control or for a 2/3 count-7
2. Push out/step out rule. Go out other guy gets a point-7
3. Eliminate the ride out. Over time is all sudden victory-6
4. Video review by 3rd party-6
5. Takedown=3 points. First takedown 3 points-5
6. No challenges-2
7. Eliminate red-shirt -2
8. Figure out, make consistent when riding below the waist is stalling-1
9. Make High school and college rules the same-1

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