Ohio State takes the 2017 B1G Championship Results

Ohio State crowned 4 B1G champions today beating out border state rival Penn State for the B1G Championship. Penn State and Iowa each finished with two Champions of their own. What a slug fest the last 2 days were. The depth on display is a little crazy for just one conference. A few note worthy upsets: Myles Martin over Bo Nickal, Javier Gasca III’s run to the finals for Michigan State and Kollin Moore’s championship. I didn’t nor did I hear many people outside of Ohio pick the Buckeye’s to win it. It was hard to know what PSU would get from the 125lb weight class, zero isn’t a good number to help with the team score. Penn State might have still won if not for Myles Martin’s upset of Nickal yesterday. Coach Ryan had his team peaking and got his second title in three years. Anyone would take that record if it was offered up. Can they keep it up for 2 more weeks? Ryan was able to pull the right strings two years ago. So Penn State was missing a bunch of points at 125 can they get more points at 74 and 84 in St. Louis? I see Hall being able to make a few easy adjustments. How close will Suriano be to his old self next week? The seeding at 184 could make the difference in a championship for either OSU or PSU. Last year Iowa was a trendy pick to be NCAA Champs this year. I didn’t buy it. They had a really good tournament with 2-1st, 2-2nd’s and a 3rd place finish beyond that the lack of depth crippled them. The real question for Ohio State and Penn State is will they be able to outscore Okie State with less qualifiers? Each OSU (8?) and PSU (9) wrestler will in effect need to score enough to outpace all ten Okie State guys. Penn State is used to doing this with bonus points, I’m not as confident in the Buckeye’s ability to do this in St Louis.
You want to know what a difference a coach can make? Look no further than Roger Chandler at Michigan State. Last year MSU finished second to last with 10.5 points they almost quadrupled that this year with coaching. No big name recruits; from the outside it looks like a lot of effort. I’ll give the other bottom 3 teams some credit, they improved their scores but Indiana and Purdue both dropped and don’t appear to be getting more points next year. Maryland needs change. You can’t prop up someone that isn’t an effective leader.
I wonder if the B1G scheduling and weather made some of the PSU guys a little more mortal with no multi-day tournament earlier in this year’s scheduled? Just a thought that I talked about back in mid January.
Penn State and Ohio State look primed to give us a spirited battled for this title for the next several years. Enjoy it.
My short list of guys that pushed the pace or went big in the finals: Ashnault, Retherford, Brooks and both guys at 197 and 133. A pretty good showing. If you are going to lose why not try some attacks at the end of the match, who cares if it increases the point spread, go down swinging Mr. Kemerer.
Eye check 174, I’m pretty certain Mark Hall told me before the beginning of the season that he was about 170. Bo Jordan, if I had to bet, was 200. It looked to me that Jordan could have eaten Mark Hall. Regardless of the result (if you’re a Penn State fan) Hall was in this match because of great body position and technique. Ok, I’m guessing he’s pretty strong too. I hope we get to see the rematch in St Louis.
In St. Louis, 184 is gonna be crazy and depending on the seeding it might be the determining weight class.
Final Team Scores
1. Ohio State – 139.5
2. Penn State – 130
3. Iowa – 112.5
4. Nebraska – 102.5
5. Minnesota – 93
6. Illinois – 88.5
7. Michigan – 83
8. Rutgers – 67.5
8. Wisconsin – 67.5
10. Michigan State – 38.5
11. Maryland – 32
12. Purdue – 26
13. Indiana – 24.5
14. Northwestern – 18.0

Final Placement Results
1st Place: Thomas Gilman (Iowa) 24-0, Sr. over Tim Lambert (Nebraska) 28-6, RS Sr. (Dec 4-0).
3rd Place: Ethan Lizak (Minnesota) 26-6, RS So. over Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) 18-13, Fr. (MD 10-1).
5th Place : Conor Youtsey (Michigan) 6-6, RS Sr. over Elijah Oliver (Indiana) 14-9, So. (M. For.).
7th Place: Jose Rodriguez (Ohio State) 15-10, RS Fr. over Ben Thornton (Purdue) 26-15, RS So. (Fall 3:53).

1st Place: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) 19-0, RS Jr. over Cory Clark (Iowa) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 5-4).
3rd Place : Stevan Micic (Michigan) 24-5, RS Fr. over Zane Richards (Illinois) 25-4, RS Sr. (Fall 7:59).
5th Place: Eric Montoya (Nebraska) 26-4, over Mitch McKee (Minnesota) 19-17, Fr. (Dec 5-3).
7th Place: Scott Delvecchio (Rutgers) 20-13, RS Jr. over Austin Eicher (Michigan State) 21-16, RS So. (Inj. 0:01).

1st Place: Anthony Ashnault (Rutgers) 27-3, RS Jr. over Javier Gasca III (Michigan State) 27-8, RS Jr. (MD 15-2).
3rd Place: Colton McCrystal (Nebraska) 31-9, Jr. over Luke Pletcher (Ohio State) 23-7, Fr. (Dec 6-2).
5th Place: Ryan Diehl (Maryland) 9-5, RS So. over Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) 17-7, RS So. (MD 12-2).
7th Place: Cole Martin (Wisconsin) 21-15, RS Fr. over Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State) 14-10, RS Sr. (Fall 1:11).

1st Place: Zain Retherford (Penn State) 23-0, RS Jr. over Micah Jordan (Ohio State) 28-3, RS So. (TF-1.5 7:00 (16-1)).
3rd Place: Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) 26-4, Jr. over Zac Hall (Michigan) 17-10, RS So. (Fall 2:53).
5th Place: Kenny Theobold (Rutgers) 22-9, RS Sr. over Alfred Bannister (Maryland) 22-6, RS So. (M. For.).
7th Place: Shayne Oster (Northwestern) 12-12, Fr. over Eric Barone (Illinois) 10-11, So. (Dec 5-3).

1st Place: Jason Nolf (Penn State) 22-0, RS So. over Michael Kemerer (Iowa) 27-2, RS Fr. (Dec 8-2).
3rd Place: Tyler Berger (Nebraska) 32-4, Jr. over Brian Murphy (Michigan) 16-8, Sr. (Dec 5-2).
5th Place: Jake Short (Minnesota) 23-12, RS Jr. over Alex Griffin (Purdue) 24-13, RS Sr. (Dec 8-3).
7th Place: John Van Brill (Rutgers) 23-9, RS So. over Kyle Langenderfer (Illinois) 23-8, RS Sr. (Dec 7-0).

1st Place: Isaiah Martinez (Illinois) 27-0, RS Sr. over Logan Massa (Michigan) 27-2, RS Fr. (Dec 10-4).
3rd Place: Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) 17-4, So. over Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin) 24-4, RS Sr. (Dec 5-2).
5th Place: Drew Hughes (Michigan State) 26-8, Fr. over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) 26-12, RS Jr. (Dec 3-2).
7th Place: Johnny Sebastian (Northwestern) 22-8, RS So. over Cody Burcher (Ohio State) 16-16, RS Jr. (Dec 2-1).

1st Place: Bo Jordan (Ohio State) 14-1, RS Jr. over Mark Hall (Penn State) 26-3, Fr. (SV-1 6-4).
3rd Place: Myles Amine (Michigan) 26-5, RS Fr. over Zach Brunson (Illinois) 28-8, RS Sr. (TF-1.5 5:56 (19-4)).
5th Place: Alex Meyer (Iowa) 24-7, Sr. over Ryan Christensen (Wisconsin) 20-17, RS So. (Dec 4-2).
7th Place: Devin Skatzka (Indiana) 25-11, So. over Jacob Morrissey (Purdue) 16-11, RS Jr. (Dec 7-4).

1st Place: Samuel Brooks (Iowa) 24-2, Sr. over Myles Martin (Ohio State) 26-8, So. (MD 12-2).
3rd Place: Bo Nickal (Penn State) 21-1, RS So. over TJ Dudley (Nebraska) 27-4, RS Sr. (Dec 14-9).
5th Place: Emery Parker (Illinois) 28-8, RS So. over Nathan Jackson (Indiana) 30-5, Jr. (M. For.).
7th Place: Bobby Steveson (Minnesota) 13-16, RS Fr. over Hunter Ritter (Wisconsin) 19-14, RS Fr. (Dec 4-1).

1st Place: Kollin Moore (Ohio State) 28-3, RS Fr. over Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) 27-2, RS Sr. (Dec 15-11).
3rd Place: Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) 18-4, RS Jr. over Aaron Studebaker (Nebraska) 27-8, RS Sr. (TB-1 3-2).
5th Place: Ricky Robertson (Wisconsin) 26-14, RS Jr. over Matt Correnti (Rutgers) 16-13, Fr. (MD 9-1).
7th Place: Christian Brunner (Purdue) 23-15, Fr. over Cash Wilcke (Iowa) 16-11, RS Fr. (Dec 7-2).

1st Place: Kyle Snyder (Ohio State) 12-0, Jr. over Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) 26-1, RS Sr. (Dec 8-5).
3rd Place: Nick Nevills (Penn State) 20-3, RS So. over Michael Kroells (Minnesota) 27-9, RS Sr. (Dec 2-0).
5th Place: Collin Jensen (Nebraska) 28-11, RS Sr. over Razohnn Gross (Rutgers) 14-12, RS Jr. (Fall 3:47).
7th Place: Youssif Hemida (Maryland) 20-11, So. over Conan Jennings (Northwestern) 17-14, RS So. (Dec 4-1).

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