NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee recommends

NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee recommends stiffer penalties
Greg Johnson |
Last Updated – Apr 14, 2017 13:24 EDT
Wrestlers who violate NCAA weight assessment protocols, utilize prohibited weight-loss practices or violate medical examination rules may soon face stiffer penalties.

During its annual meeting this week in Indianapolis, the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee recommended a penalty change that would require a wrestler to miss eight consecutive competitions on his first offense in those areas, and to sit out a year for a second offense.

Wrestlers found to be in violation of the weight management protocols or who engage in prohibited weight loss practices would also be required to recertify their weight at some point during the suspension period. Examples of violations covered under this rule include: urine manipulation during weight assessments; use of rubber suits, saunas, diuretics or intravenous rehydration; skin check forgery or deception.
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