Weighing In with Travis Wittlake Jr.

We spent more than an hour talking about his wrestling history and future aspirations. One of the things that I like about him is his willingness to do whatever it takes, from travel to changing styles, in order to pursue tough competition and excellence. Travis will be competing over the spring and summer as a special admission Junior (he’s a cadet age wise) next week and at the UWW Cadet world team trials. We talk about the little known Oregon wrestling scene and a bit about the edge and brotherhood being an elite west coast wrestler fosters. Look for Travis to be the favorite at the World team trails. We also talk in depth about weight cutting and future plans. Below is a smattering of other topics that we covered. It’s long, grab an Oban (it’s too warm for Lagavulin) and listen while cleaning up dinner.

Background wrestling.
What drives your competitive mindset?
Experience at Cadet world championships in Tbilisi Georgia
Why do you like freestyle the most?
Watching you in the practice room- what kind of wrestler would we see?
How do you mentally and emotionally deal with a loss?
What is your relationship with cutting weight?
Where do you see yourself over the next few years?
What was the recruiting process like? What advice would you give others about to go through the process?
Why Penn State? What struck you about their performance?
Challenge of the PSU practice room.
Competition schedule for the summer?
How do you and RBY come together to broadcast verbal commitment?
Are you good at other things?
If weight and age weren’t a factor and you could wrestle anyone who would it be and why?



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