The Singlet vs. 2-piece uniform

I’ve been a vocal supporter of the option to use either style of wrestling uniform. It started when trying to recruit youth football players who wanted to try wrestling but their mothers were 100% against the singlet. I was a little surprised but after a couple of weeks I could see that I wouldn’t unseat their seemingly superficial reason to keep their son from trying wrestling. This last season our youth wrestling league, ICWL the biggest youth league in the country, allowed the option. I know at least two mothers that let their sons wrestle after that. Seriously.
I’m tired of hearing the naggers supporting the singlet. The most obvious point is that wrestling is almost the only sport where the wrestlers practice while dressed in something totally different than what they wear to compete. Why? They prefer shorts and shirts plain and simple. The two piece has the added option of more visually interesting graphics and it provides more skin coverage helping a bit with the epidemic of mat born contagions.
I’ve been in a ton of wrestling rooms over the last 3 decades and the only coach I’ve seen at practice with a singlet on was in the movie Vision Quest.
If we want our kids to perform at the highest levels one of the easiest things we can do is get our practice and game uniforms to be the same. This used to be the reason for practicing with headgear or wearing the same shoes in practice and matches.
The most visible 2 piece uniforms to my knowledge has been Flo’s at Who’s #1. While I haven’t been a fan of what they have done, more for optics than function, I’m sure that the market will expand and with in a few years we’ll know if the MMA style of shorts is best for wrestlers or if something tighter with a stretching fabric is better suited.
Let the kids decide what they want. Our team had a standard design for the singlet and two piece uniform. So no matter the style worn we still looked like a team. I’m not wed to just these two styles. I’ve seen lots of high school and college guys go at it with only shorts. Let the kids choose a style that suites their personality. If college guys don’t need headgear, do they need a top or a tank top? I like more skin coverage for the younger kids as negligent parents let kids wrestle with all sorts of crap on their skin, ringworm being the least of my worries.
Marketing of the new uniform could be a big revenue boost to a program. Lots of family members of fans could wear a team top with their favorite kids name on the back. This is impossible with a singlet and is common in football, baseball, hockey and basketball. Merchandise is a big revenue stream for teams, this would only big the stream.
To be honest the only real draw back as I see it is that TR Foley thinks that this is a good idea.

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