How will Boise State pay for baseball? By reducing athletics payments to university

By Chadd Cripe
September 05, 2017 9:24 PM

Boise State hopes to begin playing baseball in spring 2020 — and the school plans to pay the multimillion-dollar bill in part by reducing a $1.5 million administrative fee the athletic department pays to the university for its indirect support.

The athletic department pays the fee at BSU President Bob Kustra’s discretion, according to a document provided to the State Board of Education in June. The Idaho Statesman obtained that document from Boise State. Other auxiliary units of the university that generate revenue, such as Taco Bell Arena and parking services, also pay administrative fees.

The $1.5 million fee won’t be waived in its entirety, Boise State officials say. It will be used to cover costs associated with baseball and improving the women’s sports programs up to that amount. The fee reduction will last “for the next several years,” according to the document.

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