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Long-Distance Running: One of the Worst Forms of Exercise There Is

A recent study looked at the heart function of 40 elite long-term endurance athletes after four endurance races of varying lengths.
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Long-term endurance athletes were found to suffer diminished function of the right ventricle of the heart after endurance racing. They also had increased blood levels of cardiac enzymes, which are markers for heart injury, and 12 percent of the athletes had detectable scar tissue on their heart muscle one week post-race
Although exercise reduces your cardiovascular risk by a factor of three, too much vigorous exercise, such as marathon running, actually increases your cardiac risk by seven
Not only is it possible to over-exercise, but simply focusing on the wrong type of exercise to the exclusion of everything else can actually do you more harm than good
There’s compelling evidence showing that high-intensity interval training, which requires but a fraction of the time compared to conventional cardio, is FAR more efficient, and more effective. You can literally reap greater rewards in less time. The same can be said for the super-slow form of weight training, which mirrors many of the health benefits of high-intensity interval training

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