Weighing In with Keith Gavin

I talked with Pitt head coach Keith Gavin earlier today. Unless you checked out of the college wrestling world back in March, you heard a bit of the drama that Pitt went through to fill a coveted but not perfect position. In the end Pitt’s last national champion came home earlier than many, including Gavin, thought possible.
Pitt had two nice transfers this summer Micky Phillippi and Kellen Stout and will be a player in recruiting the talent rich WPIAL. Cole Matthews just committed.
It is also fund raising for the future. More here

Pitts projected lineup
125 LJ Bently coming back
133 Dom Forys #8
141 Nick Zenatta
149 Robert Lee might be challenged by some young talent.
157 Taleb Rahmani or Jake Wentzel
165 Taleb Rahmani or Jake Wentzel
174 Austin Bell with challenges
184 Gregg Harvey or Zach Bruce Up in the air no favorite
197 Kellan Stout
285 Ryan Solomon #15
After watching the Nick Suriano departure from PSU, might recent Micky Phillippi consider contesting having to sit a year?