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Dual Team Rankings

This is not a tournament ranking. This is a best guess at current lineups facing off. There are so many unsettled lineups that it’s kind of a fool’s errand but maybe I’m foolish.
1. Penn State. The top two teams have a lot of moving pieces but right now I have PSU winning at least 5 matches (not sure about 125 minus Nato) with more bonus points. Snyder is picking up his bonus rate and this could make the difference in the dual.
2. Ohio State

3. Lehigh. Their dual ranking is all about matchups. I think that they are at least 3 points better than Okie State and Mizzou. Preisch and Kutler are putting everyone on notice and Lehigh hasn’t found their best lineup yet. If Weiler starts producing…
4. Oklahoma State. They are deep and talented but I don’t think that they match up well with the top 3 teams and their low bonus point rate puts them on the losing side if they split a dual 5-5.
5. Michigan. I know that they are missing two studs at the start of the lineup but the rest of the team doesn’t look rounded into mental shape.
6. Missouri

7. Arizona State got the nod over VT & RU based on bonus points. That said I think ASU, VT and Iowa are all toss up duals.
8. VT. Tech separates themselves from Rutgers and Iowa.

9. Rutgers. I see RU taking at least 6 matches and being tied with bonus points against the current Iowa lineup.
10. Iowa. who knows what line up the Brands Bros are going to throw out there. The Hawks just beat down Rider but there is so much separation that I don’t see them being much higher unless their lineup changes. I’ll be at Rutgers next week for clarity.
11. NC ST
12. Minnesota
13. Nebraska
14. Illinois
15. UNI
16. Rider
17. SD State
18. Cornell
19. Drexel
20. Wyoming
21. Oregon State
22. Princeton
23. Wisconsin
24. Virginia
25. Edinboro

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