Optimizing Diet for Performance

How you prepare for a workout can either enhance or take away from the exercise benefits. If you are a serious athlete or just want to improve yourself you want to make sure that you’re maximizing your workout effects, not detracting from them. Choosing the proper fuel is important, but so is the timing of when you fuel up around your workout.
Some of the information will depend on what type of diet you are currently on. One way to tell if you’re a carb burner or a fat burner is to take note of how you feel when you skip a meal. If you can skip meals without getting ravenous and cranky (or craving carbs), you’re likely adapted to burning fat as fuel. There is so much variation in scientific opinion about the best sports diet that I don’t recommend a specific diet for competitive athletes. I suggest that you try a couple of different types and see which one makes you feel better and perform well.

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