EWL Showdown Lock Haven vs. Rider Preview

Saturday night Lock Haven will roll into Lawrenceville NJ to see who’s going to be the EWL dual champion. Both teams have multiple ranked wrestlers but the highlight of the match should be the Marsteller vs. Walsh at 165. Lock Haven knocked off Rutgers earlier this season putting them on the rankings maps. Rider comes in after their best NCAA championships in school history with 2 All Americans.
This looks to be a close dual filled with close match ups. Training cycles aside the team with the most fight and heart (the ability to go a hard 7 minutes) and bonus points will be the winner.
EWL is bringing it. Look for highlights on Sunday.

125lbs: Josiah Kline (LHU) vs. JR Wert (RU). Although they haven’t faced each other I think that Wert has a slight edge here. I think that Wert has the attacks to get in if he chooses to use them. If Wert can open the match up it would be big for Rider.

133lbs: #25 DJ Fehlman (LHU) vs. Anthony Cefolo (RU). Fehlman pinned Cefolo while losing in the semi-finals of last year’s EWL championships. Both guys can go big to score but I see this as a low scoring tactical match. I think that Cefolo has the edge from neutral and Fehlman has the edge from top. I see this as a toss up, who ever has the best mental game plan, wins.

141lbs: #25 Kyle Shoop (LHU) vs. #22 Tyson Dippery (RU). Fans we have yet another match of closely skilled wrestlers. Both guys have nice wins over good wrestlers. Shoop comes in with 8 tech falls on the season and a 3 match win streak. Dippery has looked good and is on a roll bonusing in 4 of his last 5 matches. Both guys have separated themselves from guys ranked 30 and above. Dippery’s work from the top position might create the separation necessary for a victory. Toss Up.

149lbs: #14 Ronnie Perry (LHU) vs. Gary Dinmore (RU). Perry comes in as one of my favorite guys to watch. He’s active and has a high bonus point rate. His best win this year was over Eleazar Deluca. Dinmore got off to a slow start getting his weight under control. I think that Perry’s ability to push the pace for a full match will be the difference. Can he break Dinmore’s cardio? If he does one 4 point tilt at the end of the match could get him and the team bonus points. Edge Perry.

157lbs: Alex Klucker (LHU) vs. #25 BJ Clagon (RU). Clagon should be the clear favorite here and should get much needed team bonus points. That said Clagon has been even more inconsistent than previous years. Klucker has been up and down this season but has shown the ability to get wins over ranked foes. Can he get an upset? Can Clagon get bonus points? Edge Clagon.

165lbs: #7 Chance Marsteller (LHU) vs. #3 Chad Walsh (RU). The marquee match up of the night will be a contrast of styles. Marsteller has had a very good season but hasn’t faced much in the way of high-level competition. I think that he has the edge in power and low level attacks and finishes. Returning All American Chad Walsh comes into the match undefeated but hasn’t faced any top competition either. Walsh is a master of the counter attacks and has a pretty nasty short offense. Can Marsteller’s power and positions get through the Walsh counters and ability to get guys out of position? Walsh has AA’ed twice and has face more high level folkstyle competition than Marsteller has. Does that give him a mental edge? Marsteller has seen lots of tough competition in Freestyle but does it mentally translate? I’m giving Walsh a slight edge. One it’s hard to prepare for him, not many guys can give you the same feel in the practice room. One learning mistake against Walsh can be a hard 6-point hole to crawl out of. Also it’s a home match for Walsh, travel has its affect, and he’s faced guys with straight on power before. Not to mention Coach Alton can give him a similar feel in the practice room every day. Can’t wait to see this one.

174lbs: Jared Siegrist (LHU) vs. Dean Sherry (RU). On paper this looks like a toss up but upon closer inspection I think that Sherry has an edge. Sherry has gotten better this year, with some exceptions; he has blown open matches against guys that he lost to last season. He’s coming in on a 5-match win streak. Siegrist doesn’t own a victory over anyone in the top 50 this season. The question that I have is can Sherry open it up against Siegrist like he did against Schoffstall last week?

184lbs: Corey Hazel (LHU) vs. Michale Fagg Daves (RU). These guys have split matches in the past with MFD owning the more recent victory. MFD has shown that he can get to his attacks against Hazel but Hazel seems to have a better gas tank. So it’s a toss up. If MFD has cardio I think that it’s his match to lose. If he doesn’t Hazel gets the W.

197lbs: Tristan Sponseller (LHU) vs. Ethan Laird (RU). Sponseller has more experience and some close matches with highly ranked foes but the Freshman Laird looks to have had a better season. It’s hard to gauge success from losses but Sponseller lost a 3-point match to AA Ryan Wolfe last season. Wolfe is now his workout partner. Was Laird within 3 points of Wolfe, his former teammate? This is yet another toss up. I think Lock Haven will need this match more than Rider if we start the match off at 125. Edge Sponseller.

285lbs: #16 Thomas Haines (LHU) vs. Mauro Correnti (RU). Haines owns a 3-0 win over Correnti at EWL’s last March. Correnti, a former Bald Eagle, looked better last season. I’m not sure if he’s battling something? Both elbows have been heavily taped at times this season. I don’t think that he has the tank to go with Haines. That said Haines doesn’t have a signature win this season. Haines should have a clear edge here.

After all that I think that Rider has more paths to victory in this dual. Even if the teams split matches 5-5 I think that Rider has the clearest path to a bonus point win at 157. This should be a fun dual. Do yourself a favor and get to Lawrenceville Saturday night.

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