The Elite Eight from 2018 NJSIAA Wrestling Championships

By Dan Seifring @OBRATS (twitter)

Taking a look at the eight 2015 freshmen that placed at New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association “NJSIAA” Individual Wrestling Championships and how they have done since. These eight are seniors now and just completed their last run at a New Jersey State title, or as we like to say in Jersey “Win States”. It is worth noting that New Jersey is a single class state when it comes to the Individual Wrestling State Championships. In 2015/ 6 of the 8 that placed in the top 8 did so at the 106lb weight class which is where we typically see freshmen place. The six in order of placement:




1st.          Gerard Angelo

2nd.          Pat Glory

5th.          Quinn Kinner

6th.          Richie Koehler

7th.          Joe Casey

8th.          Carmen Ferrante


The other two freshmen to place were at higher weights with Shane Griffith winning a State Title at 132 and Michael O’Malley taking 5th at 138.

How many individual State Championships did the group of eight accumulate over the four years? The answer is 9 and here is the breakdown of the 9 titles won by 5 of the 8:

Shane Griffith won 3 titles while finishing 2nd his junior year.

Pat Glory won 2 titles while finishing runner up in both his freshman and sophomore seasons.

Quinn Kinner also won 2 titles and finished 5th as a freshman and 3rd. as a sophomore.

Michael O’Malley won his first title this year and was 5th., 2nd., and 3rd. his other three seasons.

As mentioned above Gerard Angelo won as a freshman and then went 3rd, 2nd, and 7th his last 3 seasons.

The 3 that didn’t win a state title placed multiple times at the state tournament. Joe Casey placed all 4 years taking 7th as a freshman and sophomore, 6th as a junior and 3rd this season. Carmen Ferrante placed 8th as a freshman, 5th as a sophomore and 3rd as a junior, missing the podium this season. Lastly Richie Koehler placed 6th as a freshman and senior and missed the podium in his other 2 seasons.

What may be more impressive about these 8 young men is what the future holds for them. They have all signed National Letters of Intent “NLI” to wrestle at Division I schools. Here is a list of where you can find them wrestling in the future.

Shane Griffith, Stanford

Pat Glory, Princeton

Quinn Kinner, Ohio State

Michael O’Malley, Drexel

Gerard Angelo, Cornell

Carmen Ferrante, Penn

Joe Casey, Rider

Richie Koehler, Rider

Just for context, the reason I decided to write this article was my own curiosity, after looking at NJ States following the 2017 season I noticed that only 1 wrestler was a 4 time placer that season. Mekhi Lewis, who wrestled for Bound Brook and just had a fantastic redshirt freshman season at Virginia Tech, was the one to do it. Actually what I found out was that Lewis was the only freshman to place in 2014. I thought that seemed really low and in doing some research my thoughts were confirmed. Here is a list going back to the senior class of 2013, so they were freshmen in 2010, through 2018 graduating seniors and how many of the kids that placed as freshman went on to place all 4 seasons.

From the class of 2013, 10 kids placed as freshman and 6 of those 10 placed all 4 years.

From the class of 2014, 11 kids placed as freshman and 5 of those 11 placed all 4 years.

From the class of 2015, 7 kids placed as freshman and 4 of those 7 placed all 4 years.

From the class of 2016, 6 kids placed as freshman and 4 of those 6 placed all 4 years.

From the class of 2017, as mentioned above Mekhi Lewis as the only kid to place as a freshman that season and he went on to place all 4 seasons.

And what this article was all about, the class of 2018, 8 kids placed as freshman and 6 of those 8 placed all 4 years. Best of luck to the 8 in your college wrestling and academic careers.

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  1. Actually If Glasgow had made weight at the regions in 2017 he would have placed too.
    HE beat Russo that year who placed third.

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