Weighing In with Aaron “AB” Brooks

We spent close to an hour, on and off camera, talking about his wrestling history and future aspirations. Aaron just won an absolutely loaded US Open Junior bracket. The North Hagerstown Maryland senior won in the finals over University of Nebraska’s and PA native Michael Labriola 14-3 in 5:05. I’m not sure that it was as close as the score indicates.

One of the things that I like most about Aaron is his willingness to pursue tough competition and excellence. Aaron will be competing next at the Junior World team trials. He sits waiting in the finals for a best 2 out of 3.

We also talked about his mentors, weight cutting, future plans including the OTC and Penn State. Below is a smattering of other topics that we covered.

He’s going to stay at the OTC for the next year and lots of things can happen but I think that Aaron has the mental and physical tools to be very special in college and the senior level.

It’s 30 minutes, grab an Oban (it’s too warm for Lagavulin) and listen while spreading mulch or driving to or from work.



Junior US Open Championship

Background in wrestling.

What drives your competitive mindset?

Tell me about making the most of your opportunities.  Stepping in for Travis last season.

What style is your favorite?

Watching you in the practice room- what kind of wrestler would we see?

Who are you biggest wrestling mentors?

What is your relationship with cutting weight?

Where do you see yourself over the next few years?

What was the recruiting process like? What advice would you give others about to go through the process?

Why Penn State?  What struck you about their performance at the recent NCAA Championships?

Are you good at other things? Favorite thing to do besides wrestling?

If you could write out a perfect script for yourself over the next 10 years what would it be?

Favorite TV show? He’s a Green Arrow and Fortnite fan.

Do you have career goals for after wrestling or are you a lifer?

Race in wrestling?

Anything for you wrestling fans?

AB’s message to youth wrestlers.

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