10 Things for wrestlers to work on over the summer

Start making the changes necessary to reach your goals now for next season. I promise that it won’t be easy. So you can dive into the pain of growth or delay the pain of failure until next season. The choice is yours. Good luck.


  1. Be a multi sport athlete. Take a competitive break from wrestling but still get some practices in during your off season. This will lower your chance of sport specific injury and give your competitive mind a break.
  2. If you didn’t reach your goals this season change up what you are doing. Don’t just go to the same club and camps. Make the changes necessary to really get better. Find a better coach or trainer.
  3. Winning doesn’t make you a better wrestler, improving your mental game, dynamic ability, technique, mat and match strategy, nutrition, mastering your recovery, getting a better practice plan and overall life style focus makes you a better wrestler.
  4. Get stronger and more athletic and stop cutting so much weight. It works. Search my site I have extensive info on these topics. Make yourself dynamically strong. Use Kettlebells, plyometrics and Olympic styles workouts not power lifting.
  5. Put together a highlight video of yourself or your kid. Include successful moves in a match sequence order: takedowns, breakdown turns, escapes, reversals and finish with pins. Make it a little longer than your actual match time. If you don’t have enough highlights, work on having your matches filmed.
  6. Off-season practice. Don’t just go to any practices; get somewhere that lets you get deep. Off-season practice to me means only a couple of moves worked on in great detail, customized and mastered. If you are going live use the new technique, don’t worry about winning each go. If you are forced to go more live put yourself in some crazy and vulnerable positions and experiment your way out. Forget about winning and losing. Figure ways out of bad positions now for use next season.
  7. Have an intense workout that is one minute longer than your match time. Using this workout 2-4 times a week to build mental toughness and keep cardio in a reasonable place. Play music you hate, do it in the dark. The idea is to master the mental discipline of blocking out the outside when you need to. One example: sandbag chest throws, bridge walks, lunges, stir the pot planks, something dynamic like push up, pop up, plyo jumps with a shot, kettlebell weight swings, battle or pulling ropes. Close with captains of crush grippers using a pyramid-no timer.
  8. Enjoy the time off and focused improvement. Hang out with wrestlers or athletes with a similar mental approach. Figure ways to have fun. Enjoy the process of getting better and go have outdoor fun. Swimming in the ocean or a lake is great for you.
  9. Know what your goals are and why you want to reach your goals. If you have purpose and follow my plan your mind will be so much stronger next season that your team partners and old opponents won’t recognize you. Promise
  10. Help another wrestler or athlete get better if you are at an advanced level. Teaching and coaching can help you get a different look and understanding. Many wrestlers get better after they are done with competition and move to coaching. Enjoy these benefits before your done with your own career. Teaching can help you learn better than anything else.


If you follow this recipe I promise that you will be better next season. Get busy getting better, your competition is. If two wrestlers are close in ability at the end of the season the one that works smarter will be the better wrestler next year.

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