It’s not too late, summer lifestyle pays winter dividends

I see some many high school and college kids that want to get better but they are making decisions that won’t help them get better. I promise you that staying up late, playing hours of Fortnite (or any video game) and otherwise living a sedentary life style, punctuated by a couple hours of working out won’t help you reach your goals.
I’m all for summer fun but incorporate some discipline into your routine and be active.
1. Don’t stay up all night every night partying. Even if you are out having fun don’t sleep the day away. The beneficial effects of a morning workout are well documented.
2. Eat real food. Stay away from processed food. Limit sugary substances to less than 5% of total calories. This is a great time to experiment with what diets allow you the most energy.
3. Be active and get outside with your teammates. Go hike, climb, surf, swim as a non-workout, workout. Even if you are planning a training session lazing the day away will limit its benefits.
4. You should be training 4-5 days a week. Training technique, strength, dynamic movement, mindset and rehab, etc.
5. Put yourself in bad positions at wrestling practice and work through them. This will build your confidence.
6. Wrestle a few completions to see if you are getting better. This can even be done in the practice room.
7. Avoid your lazy friends or practice partners. Seek out those that want to improve.
8. All things in moderation including moderation. Go have fun, enjoy life. Training shouldn’t consume you in the off season but it should be a healthy part of it. It is easy to fit in a couple of 10 minute workouts into an “off day” or a 45 minutes drill, strength or dynamic movement session into a morning before doing other things.
The question is simple: what do you want now versus what do you want most? If you want to improve you need to work at it seriously. Being serious doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. In fact in my experience summer improvement with other like-minded wrestlers was always the most fun. Laughing at our pursuit and hard work while others were out mindlessly playing and partying. I’m an ‘old’ but those were some of the best teammate memories that I can remember. A real brotherhood was forged, a lifestyle created and habits for a great life were honed. It’s up to you. Will you have made the improvements that you wanted over the off season?
Good luck and go get some.

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