Big Ten TV revenue distribution reaches an insane $51 million per school

The crazy, crazy money in college athletics keeps getting crazier. I don’t see how it can continue at this pace.

That’s a huge payday for all parties involved and was to be expected given the recent changes to the Big Ten media partnerships. The advent of conference networks and new television rights deals have led to skyrocketing revenues for athletic programs and universities this decade.

Last year, the Big Ten began making regular season games available to FOX in addition to its current partnership with ESPN and, of course, the Big Ten Network. That expansion of the media deal appears to have paid off for the Big Ten and should continue to fuel the revenue allotment for the next year as the deals with FOX and ESPN continue. The Big Ten’s revenue distribution the previous year was $36.3 million.

 And those revenue distributions coming to power conference schools keep rising with seemingly no end in sight.

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