How to Be Your Best at the Start of the Season

  • Get back on your workout routine for strength, conditioning of the body and mind and dial-it-in to be lean and mean. Learn from previous years’ failures. The harder you train the harder it is to give up on a goal. Get more recovery time than you think that you need.
  • Don’t even think about dieting. Think about getting the best nutrition possible. Food is the fuel for your wrestling engine. Now is the time for older boys to start a big descent if you are making one this season. A pound or two a week. Don’t cut weight if you are a youth wrestler.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to who and what you were yesterday and last season. If you improve yourself on a daily basis the sky is the limit.
  • Formulate your game plan for your season’s goals. Work the plan. mindset, tactics, technique, routine, peaking pre and post-match routines. You can’t peak every week. Pick 3 or 4 events a year to be your very best

  • Have your goals and what you are willing to do to achieve them written down and posted in your face. Next to your bed, bathroom mirror, school locker, steering wheel. Tell people in your inner circle what you want this year. Know why you want it!
  • Don’t dwell on doubt. Build your confidence. Always train with the mental approach of what you are going to do to your opponent. Belief in yourself wins matches, doubt and disbelief loses matches and fails to reach goals.
  • Help others get better. Teaching helps you improve, makes you a better teammate and changes your mindset by viewing things from a different angle.
  • You can’t eat an elephant in one day. Eat it one bite at a time. Focus on mental and emotional endurance. Have a highlight reel of yourself. If you’re feeling tired or doubting yourself watch your past success and get extra rest.
  • Enjoy the journey. Find life satisfaction in what you’re doing out there. Don’t get down on yourself if you hit some turbulence. Remember you’re chasing your dreams. Very few people do this in life. It is an opportunity to be your best.

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