If you want your strength to increase you need to grow your muscles. To grow your muscles you need to put them through stress. Wrestlers want strength with as little bulk as possible unless going up a weight class.

If you are a wrestler or just an athlete you want the exercises you’re doing to involve as much of your body as possible. Leave single or small muscle group workouts to the bodybuilders whose most athletic move is a pose. We need our bodies to be strong in dynamic motion.

In general, the more strength that is developed the more size that will be added to you frame. But building muscle for strength is very different that building it for size and show. Everyone is different but it has been my experience through the last couple of decades that the more intense (less time between a lift) the workout the more strength (mental & physical) is gained with the least amount of bulk.

Here is a simple way to think about the type of lifting that you’re doing. I’m a fan of the Kettlebell but many of you are resistant. For people using bars this is a quick guideline.

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