Top D1 Transfers

The top 30 D1 transfers. Eastern Michigan (closed) and Edinboro have the most wrestlers transferring. Not one Boro wrestler went to West Virginia. You got to wonder if they were blocked by the Edinboro administration (Bruce Baumgartner)? I couldn’t get one person to talk with me about it from Edinboro.

What will happen with Austin DeSanto at Iowa? I’m not convinced that he’ll finish school there but if he can reshape himself this could turnout to be the best pick up of the off season. 2 PA high school studs banging heads every day in the Iowa room. Great for DeSanto. The Irony of the Hawks lineup could be humorous.

If you held a gun to my head I’d say at least half of these guys score points at nationals in March.  Schram, Russell, Sleigh, Myers, Perry have a good chance to make some noise in Pittsburgh. With many of the top teams (Okie State, Ohio State, Penn State, etc) stock piling talent look for quality kids to be moving more often in the future.


New School Name Weight Previous School
Arizona State Mason Smith 141 Central Michigan
Clarion Willie Bivens 197 Campbell
Clarion Luke Funck 184 Campbell
Clarion Tyshawn White 125 Lock Haven
Hofstra Trent Olson 133 Wyoming
Iowa Austin DeSanto 133 Drexel
Iowa Jason Renteria 133 Nebraska
Iowa State Ethan Anderson 285 Oklahoma State
Iowa State Willie Miklus 197 Missouri
Lehigh Connor Schram 125 Stanford
Lock Haven Austin Bell 165 Pittsburgh
Lock Haven CJ Manley 133 Virginia Tech
Michigan Kanen Storr 133 Iowa State
Michigan State Anthony Tutolo 133 Kent State
Minnesota Sean Russell 125 Edinboro
Minnesota Devin Skatzka 174 Indiana
NC State Justin Oliver 149 Central Michigan
Nebraska Zeke Moisey 125 West Virginia
North Carolina Gary Wayne Harding 133 Oklahoma State
North Dakota State Lorenzo De La Riva 165 CSU Bakersfield
Northern Iowa Keegan Moore 184 Oklahoma State
 Ohio U Zac Carson 165 Eastern Michigan
Oklahoma Kayne McCallum 184 Eastern Michigan
Oklahoma State Dakota Geer 184 Edinboro
Oklahoma State Andrew Shomers 157 Edinboro
Old Dominion Sa’Derian Perry 141 Eastern Michigan
Rutgers Christian Colucci 285 Lehigh
Utah Valley Dayton Racer 157 Clackamas CC
Virginia Tech Billy Miller 285 Edinboro
Virginia Tech Korbin Myers 133 Edinboro
Virginia Tech Tom Sleigh 197 Bucknell

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