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  1. 1st visit. Love wrestling, always digging for info, this sounds like a good site for that, not sure how it works. Live in the Chestnut Ridge district, this team has great HS wrestling, great coaches who get the most from each wrestler. They wrestle like you’re supposed to, aggressive and pin happy from the most talented to the least. Not much team competition in the immediate area. Ridge has a lot of D1 talent. Austin Buttry to Army, Conor Buttry to West Virginia, Justin McCoy to Virginia, Jared McGill to Pitt( senior this year runner up state champ last year), Aaron Burkett to Lehigh and a lot of others to smaller programs. Would like to see other programs in the area become stronger and more competitive, these 63 – 9 and 55 – 17 matches aren’t that interesting. Anyway, that’s my take. I’ll be checking in now and then.

    1. Coach Lazor has built a good program. Ask him if he’ll share some match video.

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