2018 Princeton Open Results, Interviews and Highlights

Some quick thoughts about the tournament. It’s the only preseason tournament that I’ve ever been to that finished ahead of schedule. It would have been over even earlier if the Track software didn’t need to pause the mats so often. You can click on any match with a hyper link. I only got 50% of the finals. Other matches are listed below the results portion of the article. Interviews are just above the finals results.  Some of the teams at this tournament didn’t bring their A squad but 125 and 197 led the way in talent. Hats off to Princeton for running such a quality event, I can only imagine that this event will be more desirable as the years go by – and this is only its second year.

Pat Glory is gonna shake up the 125lbs weight class this season. Jonathan Tropea is going to be a stud for Rider.  Real Woods looks like a freshman that will surprise many along the way this season too. Brett Kaliner of Stevens Institute of Tech. is the only non D1 wrestler to place at this event. He was a finalist at the D3 level last year as a freshman. Princeton would be even more solid if Mike D’Angelo was in school this season. Gino Fluri of Rider is the only guy that placed at this evert that never qualified for their state tournament. Patrick Brucki is getting better in the Princeton room, he beat Nathan Traxler who beat him twice at the Illinois state tournament.

I didn’t see any team score results but Princeton must have won the event with 4 Champs. I know D’Angelo is gray shirting. Those details are for the weenies at the NCAA, not fans.


Some interviews from the event. ODU coach Daryl Thomas, Mauro Correnti, Michale Fagg-Daves, Purdue coach AJ Schopp, Matt Kolodzik, John VanBrillAnthony Ashnault and Princeton Coach Ayres



1st:  Patrick Glory of Princeton:won by fall in finals Past Interview

2nd: Jonathan Tropea of Rider

3rd:  Devin Schroder of Purdue: won 3-1 for 3rd place

4th: Nic Aguilar of Rutgers

5th: Gabriel Townsell of Stanford: WBD 9-6

6th: Jaret Lane of Lehigh

7th: Double forfeit

8th Place – Joe Manchio of Columbia-Dylan Ryder of Hofstra

Jaret Lane Lehigh vs Nicholas Aguilar Rutgers 

Gabriel Townsell Stanford vs Trey Chilafoux Army

Jonathan Tropea Rider vs Nic Aguilar Rutgers



1st: Ben Thornton of Purdue: MD 11-1

2nd: Lane Peters of West Point

3rd: Matt Kazimir of Columbia: Fall 1:51

4th: Steven Simpson of Old Dominion

5th: Savion Haywood of Old Dominion: Disqualification

6th: Chris Wright of Rider

7th: Double forfeit

8th: Matthew Marino of West Point

8th: Mitch Polito of Lehigh


1st: Real Woods of Stanford: 4-0 in the finals

2nd: Nate Limmex of Purdue

3rd: Troy Stanich of Stevens Institute of Tech.: TF 18-2

4th: Dan Fongaro of Columbia

5th: Peter Ogunsanya of West Point:

6th: Michael Doetsch of Maryland

Jake Adkins  Princeton vs Marshall Keller Princeton

Alfred Baby J Bannister Maryland vs Austin Nash Purdue



1st: Alfred Bannister of Maryland: 3-2

2nd: Requir Van Der Merwe of Stanford

3rd: Kenan Carter of Old Dominion: 6-5

4th: Brett Kaliner of Stevens Institute of Tech.

5th: Markus Hartman of West Point: 7-2

6th: Parker Filius of Purdue

7th: Double forfeit

8th Place – Riley Jacobs of Columbia

8th Place – Sam Webster of Columbia

AJ Burkhart (Lehigh) vs Riley Jacobs (Columbia)



1st: Mike D`Angelo of NJ RTC: 6-2 Past Interview

2nd: Larry Early of Old Dominion

3rd: Lucas Weiland of West Point: 8-5

4th: Quincy Monday of Princeton

5th: Dan Reed of Columbia: 9-5

6th: Gino Fluri of Rider

8th: Kevin Budock of Old Dominion

8th: Jared Hill of Stanford

Quincy Monday Princeton vs Jahi Jones Maryland

Gino Fluri Rider vs Larry Early ODU

Quincy Monday Princeton vs Brian Meyer Lehigh

Leonard Merkin Princeton vs Mike D`Angelo Princeton

Larry Early Old Dominion vs Quincy Monday Princeton


1st: Shane Griffith of Stanford:2-0

2nd: Brad Laughlin of West Point

3rd: Cole Wysocki of Purdue: 5-3

4th: Owen Brown of West Point

5th: Dale Tiongson of Princeton: 9-5

6th: Max Elling of Columbia

8th: Seldon Wright of Old Dominion:

8th: Mason Smith of USMAPS

Jacob Curling vs Trey Cornish

Seldon Wright vs Shane Griffith



1st: Dylan Lydy of Purdue: 10-6

2nd:  Chase Gallik of Lehigh

3rd: Travis Stefanik of Princeton: 6-5

4th: Phil Spadafora of Maryland

5th: Willie Scott of Rutgers: MFF

6th: Ben Harvey of West Point

8th: George Walton of Rider

8th: Shane Jones of Old Dominion

Ben Harvey Army vs Sahm Abdulrazzaq Army


1st: Kevin Parker of Princeton: TF 19-2

2nd: Antonio Agee of Old Dominion

3rd: Jaron Smith of Maryland: MFF

4th: Mike Fagg-Daves of Rider

5th: Billy Janzer of Rutgers: to many matches

6th: Max Lyon of Purdue:

8th: Noah Stewart of West Point

8th: Andrew Price of Lehigh

Kevin Parker Princeton vs Jacob Harrison Sacred Heart

Mike Fagg-Daves Rider vs Max Lyon Purdue

Kevin Parker Princeton vs Joseph Franzese Columbia



1st: Patrick Brucki of Princeton: 8-5 Past Interview

2nd: Nathan Traxler of Stanford

3rd: Christian Brunner of Purdue: Fall 3:58

4th: Jt Brown of West Point

5th: Rocco Caywood of West Point: FF

6th: Alex Hopkins of West Point

8th: Ethan Laird of Rider

8th: Matt Correnti of Rutgers

Nathan Traxler of Stanford vs Matt Correnti of Rutgers

Matt Correnti  Rutgers vs Gunnar Larson  Army

Chris Weiler Lehigh vs Brian Bonino Columbia

Patrick Brucki Princeton vs JT Brown Army


1st: David Showunmi of Stanford: Fall 7:29

2nd: Haydn Maley of Stanford

3rd: Lewis Fernandes of Buxton WC: MFF

4th: Will Hilliard of Old Dominion

5th: Ali Wahab of Old Dominion: FF

6th: Ben Sullivan of West Point

8th: Daniel Herman of Columbia

8th: Dan Conley of Columbia





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  1. Just found you. Man some guy told me that you were top 3 in video coverage. He was right. Thanks for the exposure.

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