ESPN Loses Two Million More Subscribers

I wonder if ESPN will figure out that progressive democratic and socialist politics don’t mix well with sports broadcasting.
Disney announced in its yearly 10K filing that ESPN lost another two million subscribers in fiscal year 2018. ESPN has lost more than 14% of its audience in the last 8 years. ESPN now has 86 million subscribers, down from over 100 million subscribers in 2011. The lost subscribers equate to $1.44 billion a year in lost yearly revenue.
The sports network has promoted many outspoken TV personalities that constantly harangue the viewers with intersectional theory and social justice at every turn. This non stop political propaganda has caught up with the network as viewers have unplugged at an alarming rate. ESPN has cut ties with some of the most divisive pundits and started to change some programming but is it too little too late to stop the the bleeding?
Sports was once a refuge from the outside world filled with politics, religion and stress but ESPN ruined this by promoting an extreme agenda. This political moralizing divides Americans, takes away the escapism of sport all while hiding its own internal morally corrupt zoo.
Can ESPN recover? As a wrestling fan I loved the increased coverage of the NCAA Championships but as a general consumer the other 360 days of the year I hope they continue their death spiral into entertainment oblivion. I used to be glued to the channel at one time but stopped almost all viewing about a decade ago.
So, ESPN and other sports outlets, spare us your political posturing and moralizing and you may reverse this business spiral. Most all of us have political beliefs but we don’t cram them down your throat and act morally superior because we hold these beliefs. I’m an AnCap but I don’t preach to “liberals” and “conservatives” in my wrestling coaching or coverage.
I expect the trend to continue especially as we teeter on an economic downturn. ESPN remains almost impossible to unbundle in any cable package and remains one of the most expensive cable channels on the market. On your basic cable bill, it is by far the most expensive item that you are required to purchase. Ever wonder why they’re spending so much time on LeBron and the NBA on ESPN? Maybe it’s because they spent so damn much on a deal for NBA TV rights. That’s the weird world of sports my fellow sports fans. Something’s gotta change. We should have the choice to opt out of ESPN.

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