#3 Okie State Cowboys come east and open by shooting down the #14 Tigers 27-12 Highlights and Interviews

Okie State came into New Jersey yesterday and opened up a winning two match Jersey road trip with upstart Princeton before running over Rutgers today. Jadwin Gym was packed and fans were offered early hope when Pat Glory looked solid in the first period versus Nick Piccanninni. Picc dominated the last two periods and Okie State was off and running until #1 Matt Kolodzik took the mat and put Princeton on the score board. Fix and Brock both put on a show of talent. If you look closely at the lefty high C that is Fix’s bread and butter it looks a lot like Frank Molinaro’s when hs was at PSU. Fix has lower hips and a more vertical chest than most guys. Monday won another match the hard way. Merkin let it kind of fly versus the bumped up #18 Shomers. How many coaches does it take to fix mat tape? watch the Merkin vs Shomers clip below.  Stefanik’s close loss to Joe Smith kept the crowd active but Jacobe Smith put a wet blanket on their cheers with a neck wrench throw for a quick fall.

There was some off the record teasing about where Daton Fix would end up. He’s not a big 133lbs and I was told that he certified at 125. He weighed in at 133+ the last two days. So he’s not on a descent plan as of now. Also, coach Smith keeps a tight lid on his guys and only allowed me to talk with Nick Picc after the match.
Worth noting, there was only 1 referee at the match and he may have been the worst performer. At least it appeared to me to be an equal dose of poor calls for both teams.


Post-match interviews: John Smith, Nick Piccanninni, Matt Kolodzik, Chris Ayres

#3 Oklahoma State over #14 Princeton 27-12
125lbs: #4 Nick Piccanninni (OSU) dec. #10 Patrick Glory (P) 10-4
133lbs: #4 Daton Fix (OSU) TF Jonathan Gomez (P) 23-7
141lbs: #12 Kaid Brock (OSU) maj. dec. Marshall Keller (P) 16-2
149lbs: #1 Matthew Kolodzik (P) dec. #6 Kaden Gfeller (OSU) 8-3
157lbs:  Quincy Monday (P) dec. Jonce Blaylock (OSU) 6-5
165lbs: Lenny Merkin (P) dec. #18 Andrew Shomers (OSU) 9-8

Check the coaches fixing the mat tape for a little comic relief mid match
174lbs: #5 Joe Smith (OSU) dec. Travis Stefanik (P) 11-8
184lbs: #11 Jacobe Smith (OSU) WBF Kevin Parker (P) 1:32
197lbs: #3 Patrick Brucki (P) dec. #10 Dakota Geer (OSU) 8-4
285lbs: #3 Derek White (OSU) WBF Obinna Ajah (P) 2:09