10 Things that Kill Team Culture

10 Things that KILL team culture:

  1. Character- Lack of athlete leadership by top wrestlers. Lack of club leadership and integrity.
  1. Coaches and kids not giving 100% effort in practice or matches.
  2. Poor practice partners – going easy on teammates.
  3. Coaches only focusing on their kids.
  4. Poor sportsmanship or kids that try to hurt fellow wrestlers.
  5. Uncoachable kids disrupting practice or taking all the coaches time.
  6. Excuses and blaming instead of problem solving.
  7. Negative parents. Grass is greener at other clubs.
  8. Missing practice. Not training with the team.
  9. Wrestlers that don’t police their own and allow any type of behavior.
  10. Wrestlers and coaches not holding each other accountable.
  11. The club leadership not making changes year to year to address problems.

Okay I threw in 2 extras