10 Tips to Help you Stick With and Improve your Training.

1. Know what you’re training for and what your goals are.
2. Your commitment needs to be as serious as your goals.
3. Get professional help putting together a total training program.
4. Enjoy what you’re doing. It makes it so much easier.
5. If you’re not enjoying the majority of your training, find a way to enjoy or change it.
6. Get a partner or accountability buddies that are your core training group.
7. Track your progress every week. Look for the growth and improvement. If you’re not improving revisit what you’re doing.
8. Get more recovery time. Over training is a real problem especially for younger wrestlers that haven’t been to college yet.
9. Try new things. If they work keep them, if they don’t set them free.
10. Give yourself small rewards along the way for your commitment and effort. It helps build good habits.

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