ODU Discontinues Wrestling Program

You think that a missed championship season is the sole cause? You have another thing coming. The financial instability given the economic shutdown because of the flu. University presidents and AD’s will get to drop programs they don’t like (wrestlers stand out as weird on campus), or are spending more than their ability to generate revenue with little fallout.

The economic destruction of the economy is at the root of this. Look for more programs to at least explore this road. In my opinion coach Martin was wasn’t a great leader of the program and made this decision a lot easier than it should have been. The fund raising/endowments and alumni support wasn’t at the level that it could have been. I’ve coached a few boys that have gone through this program in the last decade and none of the parents were impressed.

So the economy is is problem but so is TItle 9, ODU did add 2.5 women’s sports this year.

Currently 76 D1 programs with Augustana: coming 2021-22 and Cal Baptist: in 2022-23?


NORFOLK, Va. — Old Dominion University Athletics announced it will discontinue the sport of wrestling effective immediately. Currently enrolled students will retain their scholarships through the completion of their fourth academic year if they remain at ODU. Per NCAA rules, the students can be immediately eligible if they transfer to another institution under these circumstances. The students that signed National Letters of Intent for the 2020-21 year will retain scholarships for the upcoming year if they enroll at ODU. Members of the athletics staff have reached out to each of the students impacted and will help with the transition. There are 32 students in the program currently, seven of which are seniors.

“We are saddened to have to make this decision, but it’s one that was made with the long-term best interest of the athletics program in mind,” said director of athletics Dr. Camden Wood Selig. “No one wants to reduce opportunities for young men to compete and represent Old Dominion, but we are required to be responsible with departmental resources. Our decision became even more clear during this coronavirus crisis, which we know will have significant impact on future athletics budgets. This decision will better allow the remaining sports to compete at a national level.”

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  1. Can you Stop being so fucking negative. We need positivity in this challenging time. You are definitely part of the problem, not the solution

    1. Hey Pete
      Thanks for being so positive with me. You’re the best. There is nothing wrong with hoping for good things but the way to make good things happen in our personal lives is to be a realist and build and improve from accurate information/assessment.
      Wrestling is an outlier sport. I’ve talked about why programs come and go
      this is the most recent. Be a realist and work towards being better.

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