Fox Sports is passing ESPN. Sports fans don’t want politics in sports coverage

Last month, ESPN saw its lowest ratings in the network’s 41-year history as “WokeCenter on steroids” takes over, Outkick’s Clay Travis noted on Friday.

On his popular Outkick the Coverage site, Travis insisted that the cable network’s ratings crash was not because of the coronavirus, but instead because it has allowed itself to, once again, become all about politics in place of sports.

“The network, which has become more left-wing than MSNBC and CNN combined over the past several weeks, has completely abandoned sports coverage, Travis wrote on June 12. “The result? Viewers, many of whom were willing to watch the channel even during a pandemic disaster with limited sports to consume, have abandoned it in droves. How bad was it? We’re talking full-on crisis mode level awfulness.”

Travis pointed out that even the network’s highest-rated show, First Take, had pitiful ratings. The show only earned 211,000 viewers, and that place it as the 93rd show on all of cable.

Travis put that in perspective:

Putting those numbers into context compared to other shows airing the same day on cable: “Nick Cannon Wild and Out 15” on VH1 had 50% more viewers than ESPN’s top show. “Smuggler: Secret Stash” on National Geographic doubled First Take. Not to be outdone, “Craig of the Creek” on the Cartoon Network posted 200,000 more viewers…. Hell, even “Jay Leno’s Garage” on CNBC soundly defeated First Take… So did something called “Ant Anstead Master Mechanic” on a channel called Motor Trend.

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