Say goodbye to cauliflower ears! Chinese scientists create an injection which fixes deformed ears in mice and could work on humans

  • Deformed ears are a hallmark of contact sports, including boxing and rugby
  • Chinese scientists found a way to sculpt fresh tissue using 3D bioprinting 
  • Was tested on mice and was able to create brand new ear-shaped supportive tissue and correct defects


People living with ear defects, including sports stars blighted by cauliflower ears, may soon be able to repair decades of damage with a single injection.

Deformed ears are the hallmark of many contact sports, plaguing ex-boxers, rugby players and wrestlers due to repetitive blunt force trauma.

Experiments on mice conducted by Chinese scientists found a way to sculpt new tissue using a 3D bioprinting technique.

The study found the method was highly effective and able to create brand new ear-shaped supportive tissue and correct defects.

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