Female athletes to NCAA: Protect women’s sports




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INDIANAPOLIS – More than 300 current and former professional, Olympic, and collegiate female athletes sent a letter Wednesday to the National College Athletic Association, urging it to reject the call to boycott Idaho for protecting the integrity of women’s sports. The signers include more than 40 professional athletes, several Olympians, and numerous current and former NCAA female athletes. This comes after activist groups called for the NCAA to boycott Idaho for passing the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act. The law protects fair competition and athletic opportunities for women by ensuring that only female athletes compete in women’s sports.

The letter asks the NCAA not to give into “bullying tactics” that are “antithetical to the NCAA values of respect, fairness, and civility” by moving its scheduled competitions to another state. The letter also argues that the NCAA would “send a chilling message” to female athletes across the country “about the NCAA’s commitment to the integrity of women’s sports” if they were to succumb to activist calls to boycott Idaho.

“I agree with the letter. Those that want to compete as transgender male-to-female athletes should be accommodated in a more creative, open, or separate category,” said Donna de Varona, a Title IX pioneer and double Olympic gold medalist in swimming.

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