Ohio State Will Lose More Than $104 Million If The Football Season Is Canceled

According to a report from NJ.com, Ohio State will lose more than $104 million if the football season doesn’t happen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Right behind OSU: Michigan, Penn State, Nebraska and Wisconsin are all expected to lose at least $80 million.

The amount of money on the line is staggering. The average person might not understand how this will affect the economy.

While most college football programs don’t make a ton of money in the B1G it’s a huge money maker.  The Big 10 alone has five teams that will each lose at least $80 million. This will be a shcok to the sysytem in each state economy and felt nationally with the loss of TV revenue.

If the season doesn’t happen those numbers will cause havoc in society. People please wake up. You can’t destroy society trying to save it.

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