Marxist Virtue Signaling Might be Part of Terrible NBA & MLB TV Ratings

Sports fans have been starved for games to watch but the ratings show that fans just aren’t all that interested in the new, woke version of the either league. Both basketball and baseball resumed their schedules this summer with little sporting competition on TV and fans staved for some action. However Black Lives Matter: Protests during the national and the in your face, jam in down your throat politics from the player and sports channels has turned the average fan totally off.

If the players are allowed to be activist so are the fans. Fan activism comes in the form of TV ratings and with out fans in the seats TV advertising is how owners and players get paid.

The ratings for the NBA are terrible given that many of the are low performing games are playoff seeding games that have taken place in prime time. These are supposed to be the biggest games to date, games that will decide playoff match ups.

The Association has struggled to average more than 1.5 million viewers, and baseball is in worse shape. For the NBA’s opening week, the league averaged 1.56 million viewers, down from the already lackluster pre-coronavirus average of 1.62 million. Baseball  is averaging below 1.5 million viewers a game

Black Lives Matter is a clever slogan.that provides cover for some terrible rich people and ideas.. Ideas that have a terrible track record when compared to the American police and political system, Take politics out of sports now. Stop the socialist weaponizing of media and ratings will dramatically climb.

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