Sports Media Is Rooting Against Sports Returning

The easy answer is that they generally have been taught or have absorbed Georg Hegel philosophy that government is god and society needs to be destroyed to be rebuilt into a totalitarian utopia known as hell.

Sports offers a diversion; right now, a diversion is not desired. The reason why is tied to the election and tied to the riots – which are also tied to the election.

The only diversion is in the protests. You can’t go to church, you can’t go to a restaurant, you can’t go to sports, but you can go to these protests. It is the only outlet, and without sports it is the only outlet for aggression.

…. if you asked the average member of the sports media to make this choice: sports return, but Donald Trump is reelected or no sports return, but Donald Trump is defeated, I think most sports media would choose to cancel sports if it meant canceling Trump.

So how does a result like this happen?

Well, the first and most fundamental reason is because I believe there’s a very big gap between what members of the sports media, who tend to be clustered on the left wing, believe and what their sports fan audiences, who tend to be more moderate and conservative, believe. That is, the sports media and the people who consume their content see the world very differently.

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