Blair Academy’s Shayne Van Ness Picks Penn State

Shayne Van Ness is widely considered the #1 prospect in the country. He, like fellow New Jersey lightweight Robbie Howard, will be going west to State College. The lower weights have been less consistent for Coach Sanderson during the PSU remarkable run over the last decade.

If there is wrestling this fall/winter Van Ness will be at 138lbs after his leg injury heals up. Van Ness, Howard and Beau Bartlett make a powerful potential lightweight line up for the Lions. Van Ness has many of the right ingredients to be successful to be successful at the next level, plus his aggressive style will fit right in at PSU.

His announcement was anticipated for months. My understanding is that it came down to Cornell and Penn State. With most of the inside chatter saying it was PSU for the last month.

Look for an interview with Shayne later this week.

VanNess videos below


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