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Battle of Philly-Drexel Wins Abner’s Cheesesteak Trophy beating Penn, 26-13

Interviews David Pearce, Matt Azevedo, May Bethea , Joey Goodhart and Alex Tirapelle Introductions 157lbs: May Bethea (Penn) MD William Davis (Drexel), 16-6 Penn up, 4-0 165lbs: Joe Velliquette (Penn) DEC Austin Rose (Drexel), 6-2 Penn up, 7-0 174lbs: #13 Casey Kent (Penn) DEC Ebed Jarrell (Drexel), 4-0 Penn leads, 10-0 184lbs: Alex DeCiantis (Drexel) […]

Drexel over American 23-15 Video & Interviews

Drexel entrance Introductions Garett Hammond Matt Cimato Drexel coaches Matt Azevedo, Josh Dziewa American Coach Teague Moore 165lbs: Austin Rose (DU) MAJ Michael Eckhart (American), 12-4 174lbs: Ebed Jarrell (DU) MAJ Joe Salvi (American), 14-4 184lbs: Alex DeCiantis (DU) WBF Jason Grimes (American) @ 1:46 197lbs: Jeric Kasunic (American) WBF Joshua Murphy (DU) @ 1:48 […]

Edited-Projected lineups 2016 Penn State, Edinboro, Rutgers, Penn, Drexel and Princeton

It’s that time of year wrestling fans. Schools are mostly back in session. Schedules and rosters are being released and calendars are getting marked up for future match dates. I’m reaching out to coaches that I know to get their projected line ups for the coming season. Lots of things can happen between now and […]

Coach Projected Lineups- Stevens Tech, Oklahoma State, Lehigh, Lock Haven, Drexel, Northern Colorado, Penn, Ohio State, Minnesota, Rutgers, Edinboro, Cornell

I know, I know things change but as of my recent conversations with the coaches from these programs here’s where they stand as of now: Stevens Tech I recently talked with Coach Favia about this year’s team. Favia is a young and driven person that is leading the program forward in the Centennial Conference. I’ve […]