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Coach Projected Lineups- Stevens Tech, Oklahoma State, Lehigh, Lock Haven, Drexel, Northern Colorado, Penn, Ohio State, Minnesota, Rutgers, Edinboro, Cornell

I know, I know things change but as of my recent conversations with the coaches from these programs here’s where they stand as of now: Stevens Tech I recently talked with Coach Favia about this year’s team. Favia is a young and driven person that is leading the program forward in the Centennial Conference. I’ve […]

Grapple at the Garden thoughts with ranked wrestlers

These matches are listed in order of my interest. I’ve listed ranked wrestlers and some thoughts. 8AM matches It would be fun to see Stevens Tech AJ kowal vs Jonathan Deupree So Maine this is the marquee match-up during the early duals. If it happens. 10:00AM: Mat 7 – EDINBORO VS. CORNELL Should be a […]

ESU Results

125 1. DARIAN CRUZ – Lehigh 2. Sean Russell – Edinboro 3 & 4 were uncontested by Drexel teammates Tanner Shoap & Zach Fuentes 133 1. ANTHONY GIRALDO – Rutgers 2. Kevin Devoy – Drexel 3. Zach Davis – Navy 4. Caleb Richardson – Pennsylvania 141 1. TYSON DIPPERY – Rutgers 2. David Pearce – […]

Southern Scuffle field

      2015 Southern Scuffle Participants (No. is finish at the 2014 NCAA Championships) 1. Penn State 3. Oklahoma State 7. Cornell 11. Nebraska 12. Iowa State 14. Missouri 17. Michigan 18. Lehigh 19. NC State 22. Pittsburgh 23. Virginia 25. North Carolina 25. Boise State More information about this year’s event notice that […]

Wrestling Schedule for the Week-Get Out and See Some Good Wrestling

Don’t miss good wrestling. Below is a list of al the college wrestling that I know about this week. There are some good match ups. Pitt vs. Edinboro will be a good early season test for Pitt. Good opens with lots of interesting match ups. The opens are a great place to see lots of […]

NWCA Recap – Where was everyone?

What a lineup! Hugely entertaining wrestling last night with some highly anticipated match ups. The media was there in full force and True Wrestling was there covering and tweeting (@truewrestler1) the action. But where were the fans? The Palestra wasn’t sold out for this event and looked about 60% full. There have to be 100,00 […]