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Final Rio Greco-Roman Results. Team USA wiffs

59kg GOLD: Ismael BORRERO MOLINA (CUB) df. Shinobu OTA (JPN) by TF, 8-0 BRONZE: Stig-Andre BERGE (NOR) df. Rovshan BAYRAMOV (AZE), 1-1 BRONZE: Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Arsen ERALIEV (KGZ), 13-8 Repechage: Stig-Andre BERGE (NOR) df. Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ), 2-0 Repechage: Arsen ERALIEV (KGZ) df. WANG Lumin (CHN), 4-2 Repechage: Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ) df. Hamid […]

2015 Final Senior Level Rankings

Final Senior Level Rankings Americans in the rankings Freestyle Mens full rankings 57kg #13 Tony Ramos, Iowa City, Iowa (Titan Mercury WC/Hawkeye WC) 61kg #17 Reece Humphrey, Columbus, Ohio (New York AC/Ohio RTC) 65kg #10 Brent Metcalf, Iowa City, Iowa (New York AC/Hawkeye WC) 65kg #13 Logan Stieber, Columbus, Ohio (Titan Mercury WC/Ohio RTC) 65kg […]

I Hate Olympic Wrestling Weights (D1 Wrestling & Bill Farrell Results)

The biggest take away for me from Sundays’ wrestling is that the Olympic weight classes are bad for wrestling. It hurts so much mens talent in America that I can’t believe other countries aren’t screaming as well. I’ve heard the PC police from United World Wrestling/Intermat tell me why 6 weight classes is necessary but […]

Greco-Roman Junior World Championships Medal Results & American Results

Georgia continued their dominance of the Junior World Wrestling Championships Wednesday, winning a pair of Greco-Roman gold medals in the night’s finals to up their tournament tally to four gold. Georgia finished the tournament with four champions out of a total of five finalists. Georgia has been a wrestling powerhouse for decades but the Soviet […]

Large U.S. Team Entered for Spanish Grand Prix- Brackets & Link to free webcast

webcast link Brackets SPANISH GRAND PRIX At Madrid, Spain, July 11 Event Schedule (Madrid time, which is 6 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time) Saturday, July 11 All styles, All weight classes 9:00 a.m. – Preliminaries 1:00 p.m. – Semifinals and Repechage 5:00 p.m. – Finals (1st place, 3rd place, 5th place) A totally stud […]

Near miss car accident with Woman’s World Team Member 60 KG Leigh Jaynes Provisor and her Greco Roman husband Ben Provisor

Takedown Radio, 2015 USA Wrestling Woman’s World Team Member 60 KG Leigh Jaynes Provisor and her Greco Roman husband Ben Provisor walked away from their overturned Subaru Outback. The near fatal wreck took place this past weekend.. A showing of great support and well wishes were being offered on her Facebook page, as the first […]

Russia Cruises at 1st European Games- Results & Video Links

The Russian Federation comes home with 18 wrestling medals from the European Games. Azerbaijan finished 2nd with 15 medals. Turkey finished 3rd with 10 medals. Complete results here. Results Freestyle. 57kg: 1. Russia Viktor LEBEDEV 2. Germany Marcel EWALD 3. Moldova Alexandru CHIRTOACA & Turkey Sezar AKGUL GOLD: No.5 Viktor LEBEDEV (RUS) df. Marcel EWALD […]

Cancelled because of challenges in getting visas for the Iranian team. Greco Roman at the Jacob Curby Cup- America vs. Iran

I’m all for the separation of state and sport. Just like the separation of church and state. Boycott’s only hurt the athletes that are training for an event. Most internatinal sport brings people together. JACOB CURBY CUP At Chicago, Ill, June 27 Event Schedule 9:00 a.m. – Illinois freestyle women’s wrestling. 10:00 a.m. – Beat […]

Pennsylvania Wins Schoolboy National Greco-Roman Duals, Illinois wins freestyle.

Team Pennsylvania’s top performers included… Michael Kistler Jr. (Northampton Area/105 lbs.) – (7-0) Beau Bartlett (Wyoming Seminary/112 lbs.) – (7-0) Luke Nichter (Chambersburg Area/120 lbs.) – (5-0) Gary Steen (Hermitage/70 lbs.) – (6-1) Gabe Gramly (Mifflinburg Area/77 lbs.) – (6-1) Cameron Robinson (Council Rock/98 lbs.) – (6-1) Match #1 Quarterfinal: Pennsylvania Red GR defeated Team […]