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Stanford Dr. John Ioannidis: COVID Fatality Rate For People Under 45 Is “Almost 0%”

Authored by Dominick Mastrangelo via The Washington Examiner, Big take away For people younger than 45, the infection fatality rate is almost 0%. For 45 to 70, it is probably about 0.05-0.3%. For those above 70, it escalates substantially, to 1% or higher for those over 85. Stanford University’s disease prevention chairman slammed using statewide […]

Nike Reports Surprise $790 Million Loss, 46% Plunge in North American Sales

Disclaimer. I’ve been a Nike product tester since the early 1990’s. Editorial up top and business reporting below In 2008 the Oregon Ducks dropped their wrestling program. Oregon’s athletic programs are heavily subsidized by Nike. While Oregon wasn’t a power house it had two All-Americans in 2006, Joey Bracamonte and National Champion, Shane Webster. Since […]

Congressional Democrats Blast D.O.E. Transgender-Title IX Ruling

Democrats are not happy about a Department of Education decision to withhold federal funding from Connecticut schools for violating Title IX’s discrimination statute by allowing biological men who claim to be transgender women, to compete agains biological women in high school and college sports. Twenty eight lawmakers have sent a letter to Kenneth Marcus, DOE’s […]

Fox Sports is passing ESPN. Sports fans don’t want politics in sports coverage

Last month, ESPN saw its lowest ratings in the network’s 41-year history as “WokeCenter on steroids” takes over, Outkick’s Clay Travis noted on Friday. On his popular Outkick the Coverage site, Travis insisted that the cable network’s ratings crash was not because of the coronavirus, but instead because it has allowed itself to, once again, […]

What College Athletes are Doing to Return to Sport

Ohio State football players and their parents were asked to sign an acknowledgment of risk waiver regarding the coronavirus pandemic before returning to campus for voluntary workouts on June 8, athletic director Gene Smith confirmed to ESPN on Sunday. The “Buckeye Pledge,” obtained by ESPN and other media outlets, asks players to “help stop the […]

Department of Education: Transgender Athletes’ Competition Violates Women’s Rights

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut policy that allows transgender athletes to compete as girls in high school sports violates the civil rights of athletes who have always identified as female, according to a letter from the U.S. Education Department’s civil rights office that was obtained Thursday by The Associated Press. The letter came in […]

Exactly How Many Deaths Are Needed to Justify Giving Governments Control of Everything? Hoaxed

A new study from the Los Angeles County Public Health suggests that approximately 221,000 to 442,000 adults have already had COVID19. With under 1,100 confirmed deaths, this suggests that the actual morbidity rate for COVID19 is somewhere between 0.0048% and 0.0024%, far less deadly than projected. During the April 20th Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing […]

Everything is Different This Time – But IS IT?? Updates at Bottom of Article Everyone is “Obedience Signaling”

Wrestling (Sports), Politics and American History What if tens of millions of Americans had the flu? What if 100,000 were hospitalized because of the flu? Surely it would be a national emergency, right? What if 60 million people in the US were infected and 300,000 were hospitalized. Surely that would be considered a pandemic.  Surely […]

Medical Study: Transgender Athletes Have Advantages in Women’s Sports Despite Hormone Therapy

Introduction Competitive sports have been divided primarily by the concepts of male/female identity. However, these traditional athletic categories do not account for transgender persons who experience incongruence between the gender assigned at birthand their experienced gender identity. The question of when it is fair to permit transgender personsto compete in sport in line with their […]