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Say goodbye to cauliflower ears! Chinese scientists create an injection which fixes deformed ears in mice and could work on humans

Deformed ears are a hallmark of contact sports, including boxing and rugby Chinese scientists found a way to sculpt fresh tissue using 3D bioprinting  Was tested on mice and was able to create brand new ear-shaped supportive tissue and correct defects By Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline Published: 14:00 EDT, 5 June 2020 | Updated: 14:26 EDT, 5 […]

Everything is Different This Time – But IS IT?? Updates at Bottom of Article Everyone is “Obedience Signaling”

Wrestling (Sports), Politics and American History What if tens of millions of Americans had the flu? What if 100,000 were hospitalized because of the flu? Surely it would be a national emergency, right? What if 60 million people in the US were infected and 300,000 were hospitalized. Surely that would be considered a pandemic.  Surely […]

Here’s what I know so far this season.

1. The national title is up for grabs. This might be the most wide-open field in modern history. With all the factors accounted for (injuries, freshman adjustments, coaching up or down, peaking) I can see scenarios that could lead to 4-5 different teams winning the title in March. 2. The same can be said at […]