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Some D1 Results

Rutgers 17, Nebraska 16- The most exciting  dual I’ve seen this season. Upset of the week, trap match. Criteria H most points scored 51-48 125: Tim Lambert (NEB) dec. over Sean McCabe (RU), 9-4 133: Eric Montoya (NEB) dec. over Anthony Giraldo (RU), 2-0 141: Anthony Ashnault (RU) major dec. over Anthony Abidin (NEB), 11-2 149: Jake […]

I Hate Olympic Wrestling Weights (D1 Wrestling & Bill Farrell Results)

The biggest take away for me from Sundays’ wrestling is that the Olympic weight classes are bad for wrestling. It hurts so much mens talent in America that I can’t believe other countries aren’t screaming as well. I’ve heard the PC police from United World Wrestling/Intermat tell me why 6 weight classes is necessary but […]