I’m a former D1 wrestler that grew up in Pennsylvania.

I’ve coached in Pennsylvania and all over the country over the past 28? years.

Much  of my recent coaching has been done privately for individuals who are trying to be their best. Also coaching at the youth level.

My unique experience has given me a view different from the mainstream.

It’s impossible to say something of importance with out offending.

True Wrestling isn’t about me, its about wrestling.

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  1. Great website. I wrestled at West Chester East and (briefly) at Princeton and have 2 boys, now 4 and 6. I read with great interest your post about youth wrestling – do you have a future-wrestler workout program you’d recommend for kids that age? All I know are pushups and pullups but I’m the guy in that post with the tight hamstrings so I’d like to help my kids do it differently. Thanks and again impressive site.

    1. Yes I do
      I’ll be posting it sometime this spring

  2. Just found you. Great site! I wrestled at Lehigh – 1967 classmate of Mike Caruso. Love being able to stay in touch.

    1. Thanks. I was just talking with Larry Sheridan on Friday night at the match. Spread the word.

  3. Adriaan van der Walt

    I am involved at a wrestling club in South Africa and started training the 5-7 year old kids. Do you have a training program and routine for me.

    1. Here is a link to USA wrestling’s Freestlye practice planner http://content.themat.com/usawrestling/curriculum_pdf/free2-PracticePlan.pdf

  4. Is this coach Mike from NE Elite? It’s Chris

    1. Yup. Hi Chris.

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